Welcome to the brand that is behind creating the hottest custom-made neon signs ever. A hobby that was picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic turned into a business that is reaching thousands across the country. Due to increased demand, V-CreationZ has partnered with a trusted vendor to assist with the fulfillment of orders to customers in a timely manner. Customer service & satisfaction are both guaranteed! Please check the content listed & customize your custom-made neon sign today.

Any additional questions? Please email us at v-creationz@outlook.com | Call or Text us at 901-634-0811


Do you ship?

Of course! Shipments can be made nation-wide!

How do I place an order?

To make your own custom made neon sign, go to the home page and click “Create Your Own” 

What if I have a custom logo that I want to have created?

Please email the company to get a custom quote & please allow up to 2 business days to receive it.

What is the turnaround?

2-3 weeks. You’ll get it before you know it. 

What are your reviews like?

Please visit the HOME website to see testimonials! 

What is your business contact number?

It is 901-634-0811. Please feel free to text or call me.

Can multiple colors be placed in one sign?


Are the signs waterproof?

They can be, but it will cost a little extra.

Are your signs able to change colors?

Yes. But this addition will cost you a little extra.


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